Monday, September 24, 2012

Living on the lake can be hazardous

This is the view from my home. You'd think it would be incredibly inspiring, wouldn't you?

Since moving here permanently last fall, I have had some big plans. BIG ones. I have a list of things to do that is numbered and the last thing I added to it was "#77 - Rearrange the pantry."

Guess how many things on the list I have accomplished in the past year? ONE. I have done ONE thing on my list! 

I blame it on the view... each night I go to bed with thoughts of all the things I am going to do the following day. I wake up excited to be productive. Then I pour my coffee and with list in hand, I sit down to organize my thoughts and get ready. I sit down to that fantastic lake view... and stare at it all day long. 

The bird feeder on our tree gets lots of action with squirrels and a variety of birds. Yesterday hubby and I sat outside on a gorgeous day. We watched a Kingfisher chattering from tree to tree while occasionally diving into the water. A mink swam along the shoreline, occasionally climbing up the rocks to look at us. Squirrels were gathering nuts from the walnut trees around our house and terrorizing the birds at the feeder. A sailboat glided around all day... we had company stop by for a visit...

I'm not totally lazy -- things like regular house cleaning, grocery shopping and the laundry gets done. I do go to work each day. 

The only thing I do manage to accomplish while enjoying our lake view is reading and cross-stitching. I have read so many books on my Kindle this year that the titles are a blur in my memory! 

Now that summer is over and autumn has begun, I have dusted off my to-do list and hope to start accomplishing things again! Hey - writing a blog post is #6 on my list! (Although it actually reads as: "#6 - write and publish at least two blog topics a week." It doesn't say anything about posting after six months!)

I'm getting there... :)

Thanks for visiting!


Nancy L. Janssen said...

I have MISSED you and your blog, Carol!! Welcome back; I'm excited to see about what you will write and pictures you post...tablescapes, please? :D

Out on the prairie said...

you have put off this for quite some time, but with good reason , you enjoy life nicely.I emptied my pantry with hopes of painting it. Now everything sits waiting for the return. I am not good at this organization.

Loretta said...

Hi Carolyn, I have really missed your blog and posts! I can see why... I sooo envy you right about now! Lol! Perhaps just a quick post often just to hear from you? Lol. Seriously, we have missed your visits! Wishing you a beautiful fall day! Take care...
Hugs A Plenty,

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Good to see you back... I actually looked last week to see where you have been & if I had missed something.
I too have taken a break from blogging.. no reason here, just have not gotten around to it... & for me, a 1st summer on the lake, just too much to enjoy.
Looking forward to seeing some of your fall posts, from the lake.. K.

The Captain's Daughter said...

Like Nancy, I have missed you bunches! Welcome back and thank goodness for #6 - I'll take as little or as much as you feel like blogging. :)

Your view is indeed distracting/inspiring. ENJOY IT a little for me!


real estate agent mississauga said...

Visiting this lake is relaxing and cozy. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

ChristianKid said...

Hey mom, guess what - it's been three months lol

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